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For wine and food producers and for Associations and Consortiums

Introducing international brands of the “Wine & Food” sector to the Polish market


We specialize in introducing new products in the „Wine & Food” sector to the Polish market. We develop individual entry strategies for each producer, offering a wide range of activities aimed at establishing long-term commercial cooperation. We also provide assistance in terms of the marketing communication. To this day, we managed to successfully establish several wine producers in the Polish market: Fondo Antico (Sicily), San Patrignano (Emilia-Romagna), Il Paradiso di Frassina (Tuscany), Clavesana (Piedmont), Elvio Cogno (Piedmont) among others. It is worth emphasizing that we also provide support in advertising of newly introduced products.


Individual consulting projects in marketing and brand management


We develop individual consulting projects for the “Wine & Food” sector’s producers willing to introduce new products to the Polish market. The projects are based on the producer’s expectations and needs. The marketing strategy of introducing and sanctioning a new product on the Polish market requires a careful selection of communication tools. Our profound knowledge of the local “Wine and Food” market and gastronomy industry allows us to offer perfect tailor-made marketing strategies.


Incoming – study tours for the importers, B2B meetings and educational travels


In cooperation with foreign marketing agencies (mostly Italian), we hold business trips and study tours for Polish importers of wine and food products. As part of the incoming, we hold the B2B meetings with the producers. In addition to this, during our study tours, importers find out about the region, its wines and cuisine and visit the wineries. The evening programs include wine tastings guided by the World’s Best Sommeliers and dinners at the Michelin star restaurants.


Wine events


We hold a wide range of wine events, ranging from intimate press meetings (press breakfasts and lunches), press conferences, to big-scale events with the participation of dozens or even several dozens of producers. This is our main activity. The wine events don't have secrets for us! We have at our disposal a database of all Polish operators from the “Wine & Food” sector, including restaurants and bars. Good relations with wine critics (both journalists and bloggers) and wine importers, as well as many years of experience in holding events persuaded various companies and organizations (IRRV, Aso Piemonte, Michele Shah among others) to trust us.

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